People in the Loredana Saveanu lab



Loredana SAVEANU, MD, PhD, HDR, group leader

Loredana was trained as a medical doctor but switched to fundamental research. She started her career in the field of MHC-I (Major Histocompatibility Complex class I) antigen presentation, in which she identified a new class of antigen trimming enzymes and described novel cell biology mechanisms that allow MHC-I mediated presentation of exogenous antigens by dendritic cells (DCs). In 2015 she received the ATIP-Avenir award for French young researchers to start her independent team.

Irini Evnouchidou, PhD, senior scientist

Irini studied the role of ER aminopeptidases in antigen processing and presentation during her PhD in biochemistry in Greece. Her postdoctoral studies addressed the importance of aminopeptidases in T and antigen presenting cells. She showed, for example, that antigen T cell receptor (TCR) endosomal signaling is crucial for efficient anti-tumor T cell response. She is now interested in deciphering the molecular mechanisms by which endosomal pathways regulate TCR and related antigen receptor signaling.

Despoina Koumantou, PhD, post-doctoral fellow

Despoina performed her PhD in the NCSR “Demokritos” in Athens where she studied the effect of pharmacological inhibition of the aminopeptidase ERAP1 in the presented epitopes by MHCI molecules in an immunotherapy context. She was awarded a three-year funding by the FRM for a post-doctoral fellowship and joined the laboratory in February 2020. She investigates endosomal signaling by Fcγ receptors by using in situ biotinylation approaches, mass-spectrometry and functional assays.

Mathilde Nugue, PharmD, PhD candidate

Mathilde is working on molecular mechanisms by which autophagy pathways affect the antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity (ADCC) mediated by immunoglobulin receptors.

Klaus Hamäläinen, PharmD, PhD candidate

Klaus is investigating the role of a novel transcription factor in the neuroinflammatory response using cell biology, transcriptomics and mouse models of multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer's disease.

Marie d’Allemagne, research assistant

Marie contributes to most of the projects by coordinating mouse breeding, virus production, and managing the lab's cell and plasmid collections.

Matéo Ottaviani, research intern

Matéo investigates the cytotoxic activity of novel CAR-T cells enginnered by Irini.

Former lab members

Prakriti Karki, M2 Internship

Prakriti's project aims were to dissect the role of two serin-threonine protein kinases in the control of antigen receptor signaling and T cell activation.

Vivien Caillens, PhD candidate

Vivien explored the dynamics of protein complexes associated with the T-cell receptor through APEX2 labeling and quantitative mass spectrometry.

Eva Boisel, research assistant

Eva contributed to most of the projects, by coordinating mouse breeding, viral production and by managing the cell and plasmid collections of the laboratory.

Océane Morales, PharmD

Océane is a pharmacist by training, and she was looking to expand her knowledge on immunology by working on the molecular pathways leading to ITAM-coupled immune receptors activation.